Woman and man cohosting a podcast

In the UK, 18% of British adults - over 10.1m people - now listen to podcasts every week, according to data from audio measurement company RAJAR (Apr 2020).

A podcast offers a great opportunity to share best practice and learning  and can create super opportunities for learning during times when visual learning is not appropriate e.g. whilst preparing meals, doing housework, during a walk etc. and help members maximise their time available for learning.

Podcast content is as varied as the people that create them. Some are purely for fun and amusement and there are podcasts available on topics from anthropology to zoology.

The key to the success of any podcast is that it is accessible, engaging and of good quality both in terms of content and production. The main requirement is that those delivering the podcast are passionate about their subject.

Thinking about starting your own podcast?

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