Posted by Becky Roberts on 2nd February 2023
Internal links If you wanted to add a link from one page on your website to another page on your website, how would you do it? Chances are you’d copy the full webpage url, something like '' and paste it to... Read More
Posted by on 25th January 2022
Webinars, conferences and presenting in the virtual world may have become the new norm, however getting it right is not as easy as just turning up on the day - you wouldn’t do that for a live event would you? We have put together some guidance and... Read More
Posted by Heather Oliver on 19th May 2020
Have you ever wanted to redirect website users when they login to a specific page? Maybe you want to show different rates for logged-in members for an event or service or you may have sent an email to members and you want them to visit a specific... Read More
Posted by Tricia Bryant on 27th April 2020
With the current uncertainty around the impact of Covid-19 and the limitations on travel and face to face meetings, most boards and board committees (as well as many other bodies) will for the foreseeable future have to meet virtually. The... Read More
Posted by Tricia Bryant on 27th April 2020
When planning an Annual General Meeting (AGM), it is currently necessary to consider contingency plans in light of the spread of Covid-19. The Chartered Governance Institute is helping the Government to produce guidance offering suggestions... Read More
Posted by Heather Oliver on 31st March 2020
Over the last few weeks, many people have had to quickly become familiar with virtual meeting tools and working from home. Here at Red Hot Irons, we've been remote working since 2003, so we're really familiar with video calls. There are lots... Read More
Posted by Tricia Bryant on 24th March 2020
Coronavirus (Covid-19) is affecting us all and not least charities and not-for-profit organisations.  With social distancing in place, much of the sector’s income has been cut off overnight – fundraising events, conferences and training... Read More